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The River Place Garden Club is an active social organization dedicated to “sharing the love of gardening throughout the community.”  The group meets on the second Thursday of the month, September through May, and it aims through its offerings of informative programs to provide an informal and fun approach to educating homeowners in the areas of plant care and landscape design with emphasis on water conservation and the use of native and drought tolerant plants and trees.


Membership in the Garden Club is free and open to all residents of River Place.  If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Suzanne Gandy at: .


The Garden Club members at River Place are as proud of their community as they are of their lawns and gardens. The intent of this web page is to serve as an information guide on how to maintain a healthy and beautifully landscaped yard.We’ve provided lawn and garden care tips, some outstanding external links, and pictures of River Place homes whose beautiful lawns and gardens are worth a special look.

Fire Ants are a problem in River Place. Click here to learn more about those bugs.

Seasonal Tips

Trees in Shock

Treat tenuous thirsty tired tender trees to a thoroughly tasty treat.
Please take a look at your trees and see if they have yellowed or have lost their leaves. This is a sure sign that they need watering and will die if they don’t get it. Soak the outside of the tree and then place your garden hose directly at the base of the tree until the ground is saturated. Do this once a week until the rainfall returns and provides at least 2 inches of water. Your trees with thank you.

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Weed Control

Here’s a great tip for controlling weeds. The easiest way to get rid of pesky, unwanted, weeds and other irritation is to divorce your spouse. Just kidding of course! Corn gluten meal, a byproduct of cornstarch, will keep crabgrass, dandelion, annual bluegrass, chickweed, and other weed seeds from germinating if you spread it on your lawn in spring and fall. It is completely safe around kids and pets. Available commercially as WeedzStop from Gardener’s Supply Company (1-800-863-1700) or purchase Concern Weed Prevention Plus at home and garden centers. Recommended application rate is 20 lbs per 1,000 square feet. Earthworms love it and it doesn’t harm the ecosystem!

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Summer Lawn Care

Hold back on lawn fertilizing during the summer months. The lawn clippings left in the turf will feed the turf. Extra nitrogen can result in rapid growth and the need for extra water to keep the grass going. When watering the lawn give the grass a good soaking every week or so and then allow it to dry out between watering. This will help build a deep, extensive root system.

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Dusting Your Plants

Remove dust from plants with a strong spray of water from the hose in the early morning hours. Dusty plants are common during the summer monsoon season because of blowing winds. Spider mites thrive in dusty conditions, so keeping plants clean is the easiest way to keep these pests at bay.

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Prune Your Roses

Now is the time to prune your roses and add a slow release fertilizer. For specific information go to:

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Pruning Shrubs and Trees

Please consult an arborist for pruning trees.

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Planting Wildflowers

Now is a good time to plant your bluebonnets and other wildflowers. For some great tips go to:

Our Master Gardeners recommend these sites for more in-depth gardening information:

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