HOA Documents


RPRCA Restated CCR’s_Part1

RPRCA Restated CCR’s_Part2

RPRCA Restated CCR’s_Part3

RPRCA Restated CCR’s_Part4

Enforcement and fine policy

Amendment to RPRCA Restated -mailbox

1-1-12 Notice of Transfer Fee

RPRCA Basketball Goal Policy 8-10-10

RPRCA Pool Masonry Policy Adopted 8-10-10

Notice of Dedicatory Instruments Standard Policies 2011 12 19


Water Restrictions:

Stage 2 Water Restrictions Updated

River Place Homeowners Association and Architectural control committee Drought Tolerant Landscaping Guildelines and Recommendations





ENCLAVE VISTA–Notice of Dedicatory Instruments



The Greens–Bylaws

The Greens–CCR

The Greens–Signage Policy and UC



Lagood- James Ryan–bylaws

Lagood- James Ryan–CCR



The Overlook –Bylaws

The Overlook –CCR

The Overlook — Additional CCRs

The Overlook –roof and tile policy

The Overlook –Notice of Dedicatory Instruments recorded



The Ranch at River Place–Bylaws

The Ranch at River Place–CCR

The Ranch at River Place–Rules and Regulations

Ranch at River Place–2nd Amendment



section #21–CCR

section #21–20111211 Notice of Dedicatory Instrument


2017 River Place Annual Meeting:

2017 Annual Meeting Notice- Revised Annual Meeting Notice 10-27-2017

Proxy 2017-Revised 10-27-2017

Bios for 2017- Revised Bio 10-27-2017 (2)



ACC Form/New Home Construction:

RPRCA ACC Submittal Form Jan 2017 complete in order to get ACC approval before beginning additions or modifications to a current home.

New Home Construction submittal form – complete in order to get ACC approval before beginning construction on a home in all other sections.




Vehicle Decal Information:

River Place Vehicle Decal Request Form

Vehicle Decals Procedures


Auditing Reports:

2016 Audit Report

2015 Audit Report

2014 Audit Report

2013 Audit Report

2012 Audit Report

2011 Audit Report

2010 Audit Report


Meeting Minutes and Agendas by Year /Month


The board discussed making the following changes to its meetings.

First, having a quarterly meeting where we bring in speakers to talk about issues relevant to our community.

Second, to approve and post the minutes of the current month’s meeting within a week.

Third, to utilize Next Door and our Website to post updates to issues between meetings.

Fourth, encourage homeowners to use Next Door or to contact CMA to alert the HOA board of issues, you would like to discuss.

The meeting dates will not change but the new time for homeowners forum is 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The fourth Tuesday of every month at the River Place Country Club 4207 River Place Blvd. Austin, Texas 78730.

2018 Meeting Minutes:

January 2018 Meeting Minutes

February 13 2018 Meeting Minutes

March 20 2018 Minutes

April 4, 2018 Meeting Minutes

May 2018 Meeting Minutes

2018 Meeting Agendas:

January 2018 Meeting Agenda

February 13, 2018 Agenda

March 20, 2018 Meeting Agenda

April 2018 Meeting Agenda

May 2018 Agenda

June 2018 Meeting Agenda

July  2018- There will be no board meeting this month. Next meeting set for August 28, 2018.


2017 Meeting Minutes:

January 2017 Meeting Minutes

February 2017 Meeting Minutes

March 2017 Meeting Minutes

April 2017 Meeting Minutes

May 2017 Meeting Minutes

June 2017 Meeting Minutes

July 2017 Meeting Minutes

August 2017 Meeting Minutes

No September 2017 scheduled meeting


2017 Meeting Agendas:

January 2017 Meeting Agenda

February 2017 Meeting Agenda

March 2017 Meeting Agenda

April 2017 Meeting Agenda

May 2017 Meeting Agenda

June 2017 Meeting Agenda

July 2017 Meeting Agenda

August 2017 Meeting Agenda

No September 2017 scheduled meeting

October 2017 Meeting Agenda


2016 Meeting Minutes:

January 2016 Meeting Minutes

February 2016 Meeting Minutes

March 2016 Meeting Minutes

April 2016 Meeting Minutes

May 2016 Meeting Minutes

June 2016 Meeting Minutes

July 2016 Meeting Minutes

August 2016 Meeting Minutes

September 2016 Meeting Minutes

October 2016 Meeting Minutes

December 2016 Meeting Minutes


2016 Meeting Agendas:

January 2016 Meeting Agenda

February 2016 Meeting AgendaFebruary 2017-Meeting Agenda

March 2016 Meeting Agenda

April 2016 Meeting Agenda

May 2016 Meeting Agenda

June 2016 Meeting Agenda

July 2016 Meeting Agenda

August 2016 Meeting Agenda

September 2016 Meeting Agenda

October 2016-Meeting Agenda

December 2016-Meeting Agenda



2015 Meeting Minutes:

January 2015 Meeting Minutes

February 2015 Meeting Minutes

March 2015 Meeting Minutes

April 2015 Meeting Minutes

May 2015 Meeting Minutes

June 2015 Meeting Minutes

July 2015 Meeting Minutes

August 2015 Meeting Minutes

September 2015 Meeting Minutes

October 2015 Meeting Minutes


2015 Meeting Agendas:

January 2015 Meeting Agenda

February 2015 Meeting Agenda

March 2015 Meeting Agenda

April 2015 Meeting Agenda

May 2015 Meeting Agenda

June 2015 Meeting Agenda

July 2015 Special Meeting Notice

August 2015 Meeting Agenda

September 2015 Meeting Agenda

October 2015 Meeting Agenda

November 2015 Annual Meeting Notice/Proxy

November 2015 Annual Meeting Agenda