River Place Traffic Safety

October 15, 2013

River Place Traffic Safety Tips

Please obey speed limits.  Parts of River Place Blvd are 35 MPH, and the remainder of River Place Blvd is 30 MPH.  Parts of Big View drive are 30 MPH.  Everywhere else it is 25 MPH.

If you are walking or riding a bike in any street, remember that cars are looking for other cars and not you.

  • If walking in the street, face traffic.
  • Cars backing out are not looking for you, stop and wait for the car.
  • Walking in the street at sunrise or sunset is dangerous.  Drivers can be blinded by the sun.
  • Pushing a stroller in the street is very dangerous, it is difficult to get off the street to avoid a distracted driver.


River Place Traffic Safety Tips