Welcome to River Place!

Certified Management of Austin, LLC: Making your monthly, quarterly or annual assessments just got easier!

We are now accepting Credit Card Payments as a fast, easy and convenient method of paying your dues.

CMA accepts the following Credit Cards:  Visa, Mastercard (MC), and Discover.

Please note fees apply and will be charged to your account in a separate transaction than the payment to the Association.



In addition to the payment method above owners have the following options for making payments.

Please note all payments should be made payable to the Association in which you live.

Do not make payments payable to CMA as it will delay applying your payment to your account.

  • Credit Card Payments Visit the CMA website at www.cmaaustin.com and click on the tab “Make a Payment”.  Follow the online instructions for credit card payments.  NOTE:  The “Select Bill Type” tab requires that you select your Community Association.
  • MAIL a check with your statement stub or coupon to Community Association Banc, P.O. Box 66817, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6817.
  • ACH Automatic Withdrawal from your checking account.  Assessments will be deducted by the 8th of each month.  To participate, fill out and return the ACH form.
  • Bill Pay through your personal banking institution.  Payable to “your Association”.  Reference your account number and address and have your bank mail payment to Community Association Banc, P.O. Box 66817, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6817.
  • Online through Community Association Banc (a division of Mutual of Omaha) at www.cabanc.com.  Select type, either e-check or credit card.  Fee may apply.  Please note this is not a recurring payment.


***Payments by “checks” either personal or by bill pay through your bank will be processed faster if mailed to our processing center. This processing center is at Community Association Banc, P.O. Box 66817, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6817.  Mailing payments to our office or hand delivering your payment to our office slows the processing time of your payment being applied, thus resulting in late fees being assessed.  Please update your records and mail all payments to P.O. Box 66817, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6817.




Milestone development

A housing development has been proposed at the end of Milky Way here in River Place.

The zoning staff also just released their draft recommendation which is in the neighborhoods favor and has the support of the HOA.. Their recommendation is to drop from SF-2 zoning and the requested 110 homes down to SF-1 with a minimum of 2/3 acre lot sizes. This effectively reduces the Milestone build to around 50 homes. While certainly a step in the right direction, we will have to fight hard to get the best result for our neighborhood. Neighborhood representatives are meeting with commissioners and council members to keep the density and traffic from this as low as possible. 


The zoning meeting has been postponed.




River Place BOARD Meetings:

The River Place board meetings are open to all homeowners.

River Place HOA meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.

The meetings are held at the River Place Country Club.

4207 River Place Blvd., Austin, Tx 78730

Photo of a home____________________________________________________________

River Place, located in northwest Austin, Texas, is both a waterfront and country club community along the shores of Lake Austin. The River Place homeowners association, known as River Place Residential Community Association (RPRCA) welcomes you to our neighborhood via the Internet. At final build out, there will be over 1,100 homes and over 2,000 residents. On a day-to-day basis, Certified Management of Austin (CMA) manages the property at the direction of the homeowner’s association board of directors.

For more information, please take a look at our list of frequently asked questions.


If you have a question, click here to contact us.


Certified Management of Austin



9600 Great Hills Trail

Suite 100E

Austin, TX 78759


City of Austin Water Rate Settlement Agreement



 Water Averaging to begin:

November marks the beginning of Austin Water’s annual wastewater averaging cycle that determines wastewater charges for customers for the 201617 service year.

Austin Water calculates wastewater costs based on the amount of water used during three consecutive billing periods that occur between midNovember and midMarch. Because less outside water is used during these months, it’s a good measure of the volume sent to the

wastewater system.

Customers can lower wastewater costs for the next year by conserving water during these billing periods. Some ways to save water and lower wastewater averages include fixing all leaky faucets and toilets, turning off irrigation systems, running dishwashers and washing machines only with full loads and taking shorter showers by using a timer.

To find the dates for individual resident wastewater averaging periods, visit austintexas.gov/wastewateraveraging.


Check your City of Austin water bill for more information about your cycle.

Questions call: City of Austin 512-972-0000



Please see the latest information: Newsletter Winter 2016


SPA Agreement:




Please see the 2017 River Place MUD Single Stream Recycling Schedule listed below:

River Place 2017 trash and recycling schedule V2



March 2015